Anthony Deyo

As one of the area’s primer bass players, Anthony has the capability to perform at a high level in any genre.  
   Anthony grew up playing bass as early as elementary school.  His passion for playing, writing, and appreciating music was obvious from the beginning.  Years of formal training in the disciplines of jazz and classical music allowed for Anthony to have a very deep understanding of music theory and composition.  
  After school, Anthony began touring around the country with bands such as Holy Moses and the High Rollers, and Patchwork Blue.  Continuously writing, recording, and touring with these bands gave Anthony the experience needed to perform at a high level on the stage and in the recording studio.   
  Now a musician for over twenty years, Anthony has discovered a new fuel for his musical passions, teaching!  Students in Anthony’s lessons are encouraged to think like a musician (not just a bass player) and create their own music by understanding the concepts learned though music theory.  Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical, Funk, Reggae, & Latin styles are all covered throughout his teachings.  Finger style, picking, and slap techniques are also presented according to the ability level and interests of the individual student.  Anthony’s lessons are customized so that any electric or upright bass student from pure beginner to expert level will benefit from his instruction.