Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Kit


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he sounds in the DTX drums are recordings of real drums, cymbals and percussion instruments that respond to your playing dynamics and expressiveness, and the drum kits of the DTX400 are presented in stereo from the position of the player. So, when you're playing the set you hear the drums from left to right (or vice-verse), just like an acoustic set.

The DTX400 combines Yamaha's expertise in drums and technology to provide you with dynamic acoustic drums, percussion sounds, modern rock drums and electronic tones, all in one neat package. With Yamaha's built-in voice guidance interactive learning system, you have your own drum instructor available anytime, anywhere. It's fun to play along with the built-in songs, or use the aux input with your iPad/iPhone to provide our own music.

The learning systems has 10 built-in routines including warm ups, groove tools, and drumming games designed with Yamaha’s experience in Music Education to make practice fun and effective. Even if you never played drums before, the intuitive “Groove Tracker” will help you pick up the beat. All drummers can improve their groove with “Rhythm Gate”, or take on the rigorous “Fast Blast” challenge if you think you have the chops. There is even a "Voice Guidance" system that “speaks” the results of your sessions to encourage you on your rhythmic journey.

The DTX400K uses voices from Yamaha's DTX900 kit to create the 10 pro kits built into its module. You can easily combine any of the 169 drum sounds to create customized kits that suit your style. The DTX400 includes dozens of choices, including: 23 snares, 21 kicks, 36 toms, 31 cymbals, and 42 percussion instruments. Owning the DTX400K is really like having ten pro drum-sets in one compact electronic kit.