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Without a doubt, your instrument should equal the quality of your effort. At some point the word "boutique" comes to mind: Select-grade materials, neck-thru construction, and top quality components, all in a meticulously crafted instrument. But what about the price? That's where Ibanez comes in. Our ability to build small-shop quality into inspiring yet affordable instruments is showcased by BTB series basses.




35-inch Scale Neck


The BTB's extra-long 35-inch neck scale offers tight, even tension with no flopping on the low end, and added sustain on the high strings. It also provides superior articulation, making it perfect for 7-string.


Neck-through Construction


Neck-through construction provides massive sustain and excellent stability.


Deep Cutaway


The BTB's much deeper cutaways allow effortless access to the upper frets.


Stainless steel frets


The stainless steel frets are known for their bright tone, and they add player-friendly features, such as long durability and a smoothness to bend on.


Zero fret


A "zero" fret provides accurate intonation, while allowing open strings to ring with the same resonance as notes played up the neck.


Bartolini® BH2 pickups


The Bartolini® BH2 pickups provide a tight bottom-end, punchy mid-range, and smooth response. The dual-coil style configuration maximizes articulation and a long blade pole piece widens the magnetic field, providing balanced string-to-string pickup response.


Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ w/Mid frequency switch


The Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ w/3-way mid-frequency switch offers tonal variations that enhance simple chord work as well as complex soloing.


Mono-rail V bridge


The Mono-rail V is the ultimate bridge for bass string isolation. Each bridge is independently and securely locked down to the body for maximum vibration transfer without interference.


Secure high-tech Neutrik® locking output jack


Neutrik® locking jack provides stable and secure connections, preventing accidental disconnect or shock and vibration.



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