How to Change Your Acoustic Steel Guitar Strings, by Ian and Rob


Loosen the strings, snip them somewhere near the 1st fret and unwind them from the tuning pegs. Next, take the bridge pins out of the guitar, most peg winders will have a tool that will assist with this part of the job.

Once removed, pull the strings from the body. With the strings removed, you can clean the body and condition the fret board. I take this opportunity to tighten the nuts which hold the tuners in place.

When you're ready to restring the guitar, align the pegs so that the string holes are running perpendicular to the neck.

Next, place the ball end of the strings in their respective holes.

Follow each ball end with a bridge pin to hold it in place. Be sure to align the brigde pin slot with the string.  Pull the string taught to be sure the ball end is pulled up securely past the end of the bridge pin. The ball will lock itself into the slot as you pull it tight.  Now it's time to thread the string through the hole at the tuner. Thread the string from inside to outside.

You want to make sure you keep about 4 inches of slack at the 12th fret for enough string to wind properly.

Next, wrap the string counterclockwise underneath the threaded string.

Pull the string taught around the tuner.

Then, fold the string back over itself which will pinch the string in place.

Then wind the tuning key counterclockwise until the string becomes taught. Repeat with all strings and then tune the guitar up! Your guitar wraps should all look like this!