Lori Anne Cazan

Lori Anne has been actively involved as a working musician for the past 31 years and has been teaching guitar and mandolin professionally for the past 20 years in Colorado and Arizona. She had known that music was the path she would take in her adult life ever since she started learning guitar at the age of 13. She grew up listening to country and classic rock, which her parents listened to and enjoyed, and later developed an intense love for classical music, playing that on flute and guitar. She has a deep interest in rock that sounds sophisticated and which blends different genres, especially the classic groups with horns, and has been particularly influenced by bands such as Chicago, Yes, and the Allman Brothers. Guitar players such as Terry Kath, David Gilmour, Dickey Betts, Steve Howe, and Nancy Wilson have played an important role in shaping her overall sound on guitar, which tends to be bluesy, emotional, and melodic.

She studied music at Cuyahoga Community College in Ohio and was a music composition major at Colorado State University. In addition, she has continued doing music research on her own and is strong in the areas of music theory and music history.

She has experience performing in a variety of groups, such as pop trio, a folk duo, and with various blues artists in the Fort Collins area such as Jasco and Dave Dardine. She also has five years experience in a church group where she performed on guitar, mandolin, and flute, and did various choral and instrumental arrangements for the group. She is a multi-instrumentalist with her main instruments being guitar and mandolin – but plays flute, bass, and some piano as well!

Lori Anne has a passion for teaching and is very patient and thorough with her students. The ages of her students range from 6-70. She teaches note reading in first position on the guitar, chords, and stresses the importance of theory as well. She takes her students in a direction they want to go in once they become proficient enough on their own instrument. She believes in giving her students a well rounded background in music so they have the ability to read music, write their own music, be able to improvise, and learn how to figure out songs by ear. She makes the learning experience fun along the way and currently has a roster of over 50 private students.

Her strengths on the guitar and what she teaches are acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, lead, rhythm, folk, blues, rock, bluegrass, classical, single-string improvisation, theory, and throws in music history facts along the way so the student has a deeper understanding behind what they are doing. Always fascinated by originality, she also will give her younger students composition exercises so they may explore the music within themselves and learn how to unleash their creativity through music.