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Music Lessons:

Spotlight Music Store offers lessons for electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, percussion equipment, piano, mandolin, ukulele, flute, strings, and banjo.We have over 20 talented instructors who teach to all ages!  We offer lessons 6 days a week to accomodate your schedule!

If you are interested, please click this link to fill out our form and our Lesson Coordinator will contact you!

Our Instructors:

Mike Tolle - Instructor


Mike Tolle

Subjects Taught:Guitar - acoustic and electric

Styles/My Speciality: Rock, folk, blues and fingerpicking

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Lori Anne Cazan - Instructor


Lori Anne Cazan

Subjects Taught:Guitar - acoustic and electric; Mandolin; and Ukulele

Styles/My Speciality: Lead, rhythm, folk, blues, rock, bluegrass, classical, single-string improvisation and theory


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Karney Schumacher - Instructor


Karney Schumacher

Subjects Taught: Guitar - acoustic and electric, bass guitar, and ukulele.

Styles/My Speciality: Rock, blues, jazz, classical, folk, metal


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Jason Coomes - Instructor


Jason Coomes

Subjects Taught: Guitar - acoustic and electric

Styles/My Speciality: Blues, jazz, classical, flamenco


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Kadi Horn

Subjects Taught:  Violin, Viola, and theory

Styles/My Speicalty:  Orchestra, Classical Solos, Chamber Music

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Marc Teets - Instructor


Marc Teets

Subjects Taught:Drums

Styles/My Speciality:All Styles


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Anthony Deyo - Instructor


Anthony Deyo

Subjects Taught:Bass Guitar and Upright Bass

Styles/My Speciality: All Styles


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Charlie Stevens


Subjects Taught: Voice, Guitar, and beginner lessons on:  bass, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, and piano


Styles/My Specialty: All Styles

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John Franzen - Instructor


John Franzen

Subjects Taught:Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, and Mandolin

Styles/My Speciality: Guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, and electronic music. Reading notation, theory, improvisation, composition, and computer music can be part of the instruction.Folk, classical, popular, jazz, experimental.Various tunings explored.


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Jim Dupre - Instructor


Jim Dupre

Subjects Taught: Electric and Acoustic Guitar, bass guitar

Styles/My Speciality: Rock, blues, fingerstyle, school jazz band, and country


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Bard Hoff - Instructor


Bard Hoff

Subjects Taught:Electric and Acoustic Guitar

Styles/My Speciality: Improvisation, Jazz


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Eric Imbrosciano - Instructor


Eric Imbrosciano

Subjects Taught:Drums

Styles/My Speciality:Drum Set


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Tyler Thompson

Subjects Taught:  Guitar, ukulele, banjo, recording, piano, didgeridoo

Styles/My Speciatly:  All Stles 

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Vicki Bender - Instructor


Vicki Bender

Subjects Taught:Piano, Keyboard

Styles/My Speciality:ALL styles


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Lara Mitofsky Neuss

Subjects Taught:All Types of Clarinets

Styles/My Specialty:


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David Gonzales - Instructor

David Gonzales

Subjects Taught:  Saxophone, Flute, Percussion

Styles/My Specialty:


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Brighton Prescott - Instructor

Brighton Prescott

Subjects Taught:  Cello, Beginning Guitar, Beginning - Intermediate Piano

Styles/My Specialty:  Classical, Solo, Orchestra, Chamber Music, Pop/Contemporary (chord charts and improvisation),music theory


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Tori Weingarten - Instructor

Tori Weingarten

Subjects Taught: Violin

Styles/My Specialty:  


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Michelle Pietrafitta - Instructor

Michelle Pietrafitta

Subjects Taught: Drums

Styles/My Specialty:


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Carol Joy Evans - Instructor

Carol Joy Evans

Subjects Taught:  Voice and Beginner French Horn

Styles/My Specialty: Classical, musical theatre, pop, rock, jazz


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